What makes Balloons on Broadway so special?

  Firstly, we use only the best quality materials in all our
     work. From the extra wide ribbon attached to every 
     balloon to the complimentary life-extender in all our 
     gift bouquets, close attention to detail is paid in every
     step of the creative process. In addition, our creative
     team has years of experience developing amazing 
     decor designs to meet each client’s individual needs.
     Finally, we are locally owned and operated; when
     purchasing balloons from Balloons on Broadway 
     rather than a national chain party store, your money 
    stays within the community.


Is same-day delivery available?  

Possibly, but not through the website. Please call our
     office to discuss options.


Can you custom decorate my event? 

   Yes! Custom event decor is our specialty. Give us a call 
      or email us and we will get the creative process started.


Do you carry party supplies?

   No we don’t; we’ve chosen to specialize in creative and
      professional balloon decor only. 

Where’s your retail shop?

   Because of prohibitively expensive rents in the
     downtown core, we have decided to no longer have
      a retail location.  You are welcome to visit our
     Production Center in SE Portland, but please be sure
     to arrange a drop-in time in advance, as we are
     frequently out making deliveries or on event site.


I want to have a balloon release, but am concerned
about the impact on the 

    Our latex balloons are made from sustainably harvested
      materials and are 100% biodegradable.  When released, 
     they freeze then shatter when reaching a certain altitude
     and the latex bits eventually decompose at the rate of 
     an oak leaf.  And despite the urban myth of latex 
     balloons killing animals, there is no documented case 
     of an animal dying from ingesting a balloon, although 
     small pieces have been found in digestive tracks of 
     some animals. 


Do you deliver to addresses outside the Portland 
metropolitan area?

   Unfortunately, we do not.  Delivery is limited to Portland,
     Oregon and close-in suburbs only. Our delivery range 
     and rates are determined by zip code.  Please see the 
     zip code chart by clicking here.